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1. What do you think are the main themes in HIDDEN DEEP? 

2. Pick one trait that describes each of the main characters, Ryann and Lad. Do you think the same trait still applies by the end of the story? Why or why not? 

3. Though HIDDEN DEEP is urban fantasy, it deals with some very real issues that today's teens face. Ryann lives with her mother and her grandmother following her parents' separation. Her mother is going through emotional turmoil that is spilling over into Ryann's life. There are also serious financial problems. How do you think Ryann's family situation affects her? Would you behave differently in her situation?

4. Ryann ends up being the one to come up with a solution to her family's money problems. Have you seen real-life stories of teen entrepeneurs achieving success? Does it seem possible to you?  

4. Lad also has family issues. How are his different? Which seems more difficult to handle? 

5. Why do you think Ryann denies her feelings for Lad for so long? What finally prompts her to admit her feelings? 

6. Lad kept a huge secret from Ryann for a large part of the book. Was he justified in doing so? 

7. Ryann is not a perfect character. She displays a mix of maturity and immaturity, trust and distrust, recklessness and caution. Discuss her character. 

7. Is there a character you relate to more than the others? 

8. Let's talk about Nox. Do you see him as a good guy or a bad guy? What do you think motivated his actions throughout the story?

8. One of the main questions in HIDDEN DEEP is whether loving and trusting someone is worth the risk. What do you think? 

9. Though Lad and Ryann grew up within about a mile of each other, they are from two different worlds. Do you think a relationship between people of such varying backgrounds can work? What are the challenges? 

10. HIDDEN DEEP is written in first person point of view (POV) Does this style appeal to you? What other novels have you read that are in first person POV? 

11. Do you think the characters changed by the end of the book? In what ways? 



    AUTHOR: Amy Patrick

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Amy Patrick  Swexy Romance and Modern Fantasy